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The Summerconcerts in the northern part of Iceland (previously Summerconcerts in Northern Iceland) were operating from 1987 to 1998 and became an annual event in the musical calendar. After the twelfth running year, 176 concerts had been held in 13 churches with over 350 musicians from 15 countries.

Since the summer of 1999 the concerts are being held under the festival┤s name Summerconcerts in Akureyri Church and the concerts only take place in Akureyri. 5 concerts are being played in July and first weekend
of August on Sundays at 17.00/5 pm. hrs. Concerts last 60 minutes, no intermission and admission is free.

One of the basic thoughts of the festival when it was founded in 1987, was to plaugh the ground for musical exchanges between Iceland and foreign countries, e.c. a foreign musician plays In Akureyri Church and Icelandic
musicians play concerts in his or her country. This is a very benefitary and rewarding system for all participants.

The economical conditions of the Summerconcerts festival is totally depended on financial assistance from official and private fundings, the goodwill of hotels, restaurants, travel agencies etc. and support from the audience.
The total budget is env. 1.5 million IKR. (USD$ 21.000)
Musicians are chosen eigther by invitations or applications, (applications
are to be sent no later than October the year before).

was consecrated on the 17th of November 1940. The architect was Gu­jˇn Sam˙elsson. Church services are held every Sunday at 11. am. and sometimes in the summer at 8. am.
Praying hours on Thursdays at 12. p.m.

The organ of Akureyri church was built by Steinmeyer & Co. Oettingen, Germany in 1961 and rebuilt by the Danish organbuilders P. Bruhn & S°n Orgelbyggeri in 1995. It has 49 stops, 3 manuals and pedal, 256 combinations (16 x 16). It has a mechanical action and electric registration. There is also a small choir organ, built in 1988 by the
Icelandic organ builder Bj÷rgvin Tˇmasson and it is his first pipe organ built for a church in Iceland. It has five stops and one manual.

For further informations, please contact :
Bj÷rn Steinar Sˇlbergsson, art.dir.
Hrefna Har­ardˇttir manager
Summerconcerts in Akureyri Church
P.O. box 442
tel: 354 462 7700
fax: 354 461 2472
email: akirkja@akirkja.is
homepage: http://www.akureyrarkirkja.is/


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